No Apple repair pros in your neighborhood?

That's where we come in.

The Apple specialists.

Beetstech is the largest Apple parts vendor in Northern California, which means we have the parts on hand to perform most repairs within 24 hours.

The perks of an Apple store

but none of the downsides.

We only work on Apple devices, so we know all the insider secrets. We even use Apple’s own diagnostic software, allowing us to catch problems that other facilities can’t detect.

But we bring something to the table you won't find with Apple. The Beetstech team specializes in micro-soldering logic board repair. Repairing is almost always cheaper than replacing, so when we save a board, you save money.

Discounts for businesses and schools.

Our Protech membership provides a discount on all repair services. And if you perform your own repairs, it also grants free shipping and discounts on items in our store.

Oh, and you can become a Protech member for free if you qualify. It's worth your time to check it out.

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The Process

Request a quote
Ship us your device
We diagnosis it
Confirm. Repair. Pay.

Get a quote.