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The Apple Specialists

We’ve been repairing Apple devices and offering Apple parts, tools and accessories for approaching five years – much of our staff’s been at it even longer. In that time we’ve grown to become Northern California’s largest Apple parts vendor, and one of the largest in the world. Haven’t heard of us? Now you have.

We’re looking for a long term relationship.

Our website pricing is already competitive, but Protech members can earn additional discounts by spending more over time. You won’t see the inflated discounts that some vendors offer because our margin’s aren’t that high to begin with.

And our discount levels are based on your all time spend with our company. Our aim is to develop long term relationships with the businesses we’re involved with, and our pricing structure reflects that.

Level All Time Spend Discount
Level 1 $0 0%
Level 2 $1,000 2%
Level 3 $5,000 4%
Level 4 $10,000 6%
Level 5 $40,000 8%
Level 6 $100,000 10%

Our website is your most valuable tool.

The site is a powerful ally to any business performing Apple repairs. Our product researchers have painstakingly searched for part numbers and tested cross-compatibility until we’re confident to say we have the most accurate Apple product information anywhere.

The master cryptanalysts at Beetstech even cracked Apple’s Enigma code, and now we’ve developed possibly the most useful Apple Device Lookup you’ve ever witnessed. Search by Apple serial number, EMC number, model identifier, or model number and we’ll return the devices information and show you all the compatible parts and tools in our store.

Stock up and save.

Protech members are also eligible for volume discounts when you purchase multiple items together. The best part? Volume discounts stack with your other discounts.

Here to serve. Six days a week.

You’re working on Saturdays, so we are too. Our Chico, CA based warehouse ships our orders Monday-Saturday, and we’ve pushed our cut-off time as late as the carriers will let us so that you can place orders later and we’ll still have them out the door same day.

Shipping’s on us.

Free shipping on all items. No minimum order value. No exceptions.

Beetstech Prime 2-Day Guaranteed

ProTech members already receive free shipping on every item in our store, but your customers aren’t always the patient type, which means you don’t have the luxury of waiting around for parts to finish a job. 

Enter Beetstech 2-Day Guaranteed. If you’re already familiar with Amazon Prime, there won’t be many surprises. One flat yearly (or quarterly) rate and your orders will be delivered in two business days, every time.

Unbeatable Warranty

With a few rare exceptions, we guarantee all products with a lifetime warranty. However long you warranty your work, we warranty the parts for even longer.

When that customer comes back five years later with a dead hard drive, we’ve got your back. Yes, we warranty magnetic spinning disk drives for life, and yes, we do know better.

Real human beings.

You’ll have a personal dedicated account manager who has expert level knowledge of all things Apple. They might even teach you a thing or two.


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