Apple Repair Service in Chico: Logic Board Repair


Chico’s Apple repair specialists.

OEM Apple parts make the difference.

Beetstech is the largest vendor of replacement parts for Apple devices in Northern California, and as a result, we have the parts on hand to start most repairs right away.

From our warehouse in Chico, we supply parts to schools and businesses all over the world, and our huge volume means that the parts cost us less, so the repairs cost you less.

If Apple made it, we can fix it.

Our team works exclusively on Apple hardware, allowing us to discover all their quicks and secrets. We even use Apple’s own diagnostic software as part of our testing process, allowing us to catch problems that other facilities can’t detect.

As good as an Apple Store?

Not a chance. We’re even better.

Apple Stores will only service their devices for five years after the manufacturing ends, what Apple deems as “vintage” status.

We think these devices should be able to have a longer life, so if we can secure the parts, we’ll fix any age computer.

The logic board is the most complex component, and also the most costly. If it’s damaged, Apple will have to replace the whole board.

But we choose to replace because our specialty is micro soldering logic board repair. It’s our most popular service among individuals and repair facilities alike, and for good reason, it costs a small fraction of the price.

Unmatched warranty.

We supply our own parts and test them in our own facility, so we can guarantee they’ll work correctly the first time, and last a lifetime. And we do mean lifetime. Nearly every service is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

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