Cleanup At The Butte Creek Canyon Ecological Reserve

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We’re fortunate enough to have the tranquility of nature only a brief walk from our facility, but we quickly discovered that the natural beauty of the area had become tarnished by messy humans and frankly, was pretty gross. But we really can’t help but want to fix problems, so we took matters into our own hands.

Keeping Butte Creek Clean

Here, at Beetstech, we eat, breathe and sleep technology. However, we like to take a break and get out in nature every so often. Fortunately for us, the Butte Creek Canyon Ecological Reserve (BCCER) is located right in our backyard. And that’s no exaggeration; one side of the Beetstech headquarters stares out into the Reserve and we can walk to the entrance in a few minutes. So it’s no wonder that so many of our team has found their way inside to take a quiet lunch-time stroll, sight-see the wildlife, or even cool off in the creek during Chico’s hot summers.

Having spent many hours exploring the 93-acres that make up the Reserve, we discovered a problem that plagued the otherwise serene environment. There are no trash cans in the area and the reserve was littered with a variety of garbage you wouldn’t believe. We’ve found the standard bottles and cans, but also many larger, heavier items that had us wondering who would carry all this junk into the Reserve? A rusty motorcycle engine, an old golf club, a large leather office chair.

But Beetstech is made up of people that like to solve problems and we quickly realized that this problem actually had a very simple solution and that we were more than capable of taking matters into our own hands to fix it.

Some of the Beetstech crew hauling away junk

After months of watching trash accumulate, we’d seen enough. That’s why we decided to “adopt” and rightfully restore this beautiful place back to its full potential.

High spirits

Our first campaign to clean up BCCER left us in high spirits, but it doesn’t end there. At Beetstech, we have dedicated one day every month for our growing team to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful subtleties of nature and to fill our bags with trash!

One of two pickup truck bed's worth of garbage we collected this day!

Plans for the Future

We are currently working on getting a dumpster placed near the Virgin Valley entrance, with the goal being to curb the rate of garbage build-up. We feel we have a moral obligation to do our part in keeping this reserve trash-free and we take pride in knowing others will appreciate our efforts as well.

Some of the team proudly standing at the entrance to the Butte Creek Reserve

Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle and leave the natural world better than how you found it!

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