Power Adapter, 90W





  • This AC power adapter supplies 90W to power the Apple Cinema Display 23" external monitor.
  • The white, plastic power brick converts AC power from your wall outlet to DC power for the Cinema Display to use.
  • When a Cinema Display does not power on, a malfunctioning power supply is often the cause.

What's Included

  • Depends on option selected.

Identifying Numbers

  • APN : 661-3370, 661-4133, 661-4379

    Apple Part Numbers

    • Created for internal Apple use.
    • Never visible on the item.
  • PPN : 611-0454, 611-0476, A1097, APP-22-611-0344

    Printed Part Numbers

    • Created by manufacturers during production.
    • Always visible on the item.

Tech Specs

  • Wattage: 90W
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Input Amps: 1.5A
  • Output Voltage: 24.5V
  • Output Amps: 3.7A



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