USB-C Power Adapter, 96W





  • This was designed for use with the 16" MacBook Pro which requires all 96 watts, so don't try to skimp with a lower wattage charger.
  • This 96W power adapter can also be used in place of any Apple USB-C power adapter rated at less than 96W.
  • We'll definitely miss the magnetic MagSafe technology though 😔

What's Included

  • Depends on option selected

Identifying Numbers

  • APN : MX0J2AM/A

    Apple Part Numbers

    • Created for internal Apple use.
    • Never visible on the item.
  • PPN : A2166

    Printed Part Numbers

    • Created by manufacturers during production.
    • Always visible on the item.



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MacBook Pro 16" A2141
  • MacBookPro16,1 Scissor Keyboard 2019: MVVL2LL/A or MVVJ2LL/A (2.6 GHz Core i7)
  • MacBookPro16,1 Scissor Keyboard 2019: MVVM2LL/A or MVVK2LL/A (2.3 GHz Core i9)
  • MacBookPro16,1 Scissor Keyboard 2019: BTO (2.4 GHz Core i9)