AC Power Cord for Apple TV





  • AC power cable in black finish with the uniquely Apple, rounded 2-prong wall outlet plug.
  • This power cord can be used with a variety of devices, but this cord in black finish is designed for use with the Apple TV from the 2nd generation until the present.
  • Power cord is 6ft (1.8m) in length.

What's Included

  • 1 - AC Power Cord

Identifying Numbers

  • PPN : 622-0301, 622-0559

    Printed Part Numbers

    • Created by manufacturers during production.
    • Always visible on the item.

Tech Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Connector 1: IEC C7
  • Connector 2: NEMA 1-15P
  • Length: 6.00 Foot
  • Current Rating (Amps): 2.5A
  • Voltage Rating: 125V



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Apple TV A1218
  • AppleTV1,1 1st Generation: MA711LL/A
  • AppleTV1,1 1st Generation: MB189LL/A
Apple TV A1378
  • AppleTV2,1 2nd Generation: MC572LL/A
Apple TV A1427
  • AppleTV3,1 3rd Generation: MD199LL/A
Apple TV A1469
  • AppleTV3,2 3rd Generation: MD199LL/A
Apple TV A1625
  • AppleTV5,3 4th Generation: MGY52LL/A
  • AppleTV5,3 4th Generation: MR912LL/A
  • AppleTV5,3 4th Generation: MHY93LL/A
  • AppleTV5,3 4th Generation: MLNC2LL/A
Apple TV A1842
  • AppleTV6,2 4K, 1st generation: MQD22LL/A
  • AppleTV6,2 4K, 1st generation: MP7P2LL/A
Apple TV A2169
  • AppleTV11,1 4K, 2nd generation: MXGY2LL/A
  • AppleTV11,1 4K, 2nd generation: MXH02LL/A
Apple TV A2737
  • AppleTV14,1 4K, 3rd generation: MN873LL/A (3.24 GHz Apple A15 Bionic)
Apple TV A2843
  • AppleTV14,1 4K, 3rd generation: MN893LL/A (3.24 GHz Apple A15 Bionic)